Creams and gels

Cobeco Pharma has a wide assortment of creams and gels. The creams and gels come in a variety of products for the skin, breast enlargement, delay cream and many more.

Creams and gels
The creams and gels are available with many different purposes like breast enlargements, female stimulation, erection or penis stimulation. The gels have a light structure and are non-greasy.

Health creams and gels

The health creams and gels contribute to a healthy appearance.

Erotic creams and gels

The erotic cream line contains creams that contribute to your sex life. We offer stimulating creams and gels for women and erotic creams and gels for men. One of the stimulating creams for women is vaginal cream. Vaginal cream stimulates the woman's most intimate spot. The erotic creams and gels for men are delay creams and gels or erection / penis stimulating creams and gels.

Creams and gels for men
Delay cream
Erection cream
Delay gel
Stimulating gel

Creams and gels for women
Sensual cream
Breasts enhancer cream
Breasts enhancer gel
Vaginal tighten gel
Stimulating gel

After depilation bikini gel
Buttock lifting gel

Creams and gels for both

Skin lighten gel    


Oral Gel Strawberry Oral Gel Tropical Oral Gel Vanilla

Delay spray
The delay spray is a light aesthetic spray that helps to delay ejaculation. The delay spray is only available in a bottle

Technical product information

Different creams and gels

Packaging options

Bottles, tubes, sachets


Flip cap, sprayer, pump


Create the design of the label

Legal text

Cobeco Pharma will send the legal text that is required on the packaging

Closure options

Bottles: 20ml - 80ml, labelling, 1000 pieces / 80ml – 150ml, stickered, 500 pieces
150 and up, stickered, 250 pieces

Tubes: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml stickered, 100 pieces

Jars: 30ml, stickered, 1000 pieces / 50ml, stickered, 500 pieces

Printed bottles and tubes are available from 1.500 pieces. The creams are also available in sachets, see 'Sachets''.