Leather and latex spray

To ensure the quality of your favourite leather clothes it is very important to maintain them regularly with special products that, not only preserve the leather, but also make it shine, smooth and flexible. Our leather and latex spray will keep the material in perfect condition.

The leather and latex spray is available in different bottle sizes and has a spray cap. The product itself is milky white.

Technical product information

Perfectly fitted condom, one size fits all. The measurements of the condom are: 52-56 mm

Packaging options

3-pack packaging or a 12-pack packaging


Flip cap, sprayer


Create the design of the label

Legal text

Cobeco Pharma will send the legal text that is required on the packaging

Closure options

up to 80ml, stickered, 1000 pieces
80ml – 150ml, stickered, 500 pieces
150ml and up, stickered, 250 pieces

Printed bottles are available from 1.500 pieces