Sachets are thin aluminium foil bags that can contain oils, creams, gels or lubricants. They can be used for retail purposes or as a promotional item. Sachets are being used as a cost effective way to promote products by providing a free sample to customers.

Our sachets are also available with wet wipes. Wet wipes are non-woven and can be combined with all our liquid products.
Sachets are being sold for single use only and are disposable. (see 'Sachets' and 'Sachets with wipes').

Product information

Gel, cream and lubricant of choice in a sachets

Packaging options

Square shapes sachets, Rectangular shaped sachets, Monodose sticks and Stand-Up sachets
with cap

Legal text

Cobeco Pharma will send the legal text that is required on the packaging


Create the design of the sachets

Minimum order quantity

Minimum order quantity is 10.000 pieces per order