Sachets with wet wipes

Sachets with wet wipes from Private Label by Cobeco Pharma are efficient and convenient. The compact wipes contain a perfect amount of cleaning product or delay gel to serve your needs. The amount of bulk product on every wipe varies between 3ml and 4ml per wipe. There are three different kinds of wipes to choose from:

Toy cleaner wipes
Intimate hygiene wipes
Delay gel wipes

Toy cleaner wipes
Toy Cleaner wipes are convenient wipes with an effective cleaner without alcohol and are especially suitable for cleaning erotic toys. When toys are cleaned regularly you are maintaining the quality of the product. Our toy cleaner does not affect latex, rubber or silicone toys. The toy cleaner wipes are disposable.

Intimate wipes

The intimate wipes are especially designed for personal hygiene. Delicate on the skin, the intimate wipes are hygienically mild for regular use. The intimate wipes can be used anywhere, anytime. The Intimate wipes are disposable.

Delay Gel wipes

Delay Gel water based wipes help delay ejaculation for longer sessions of love-making. Apply the Delay Gel wipes on the penis and massage it into the skin. The gel will delay the ejaculation but will not numb. The Delay wipes are disposable.

Technical product information

Three different purposes, toy cleaner wipes, intimate wipes and delay wipes

Packaging options

Sachets with a 110g aluminium look or white coated aluminium look

Measurements and weight

The wipes are 160x160mm, 38g/m2 and are non-woven. The sachets are 70 x 120mm

Legal Text

Cobeco Pharma will send the legal text that is required on the packaging


Create the design of the sachets

Minimum order quantity

Minimum order quantity is 10.000 pieces per order