About design

The design will determine the look and feel of the brand.

The packaging needs to be designed on templates. These templates show the outline and die cut of the packaging. The template will be an Adobe Illustrator file, which can be used to create an own design based upon type font, colour and imagery. Please note that colors may vary between monitor and when label is actually printed.

More detailed instructions will be included with the templates.

Legal text
Every product needs legal text on the packaging. This legal text informs the customers about the ingredients, how they support the function of the product and how the product is correctly used. This information is a requirement and cannot be altered. There is no fixed position on the packaging where this legal text should be placed. How much space it will take depends on how many languages you want on the product. There are regulations concerning the minimum height of the used type fonts for the legal text. After order confirmation, Cobeco Pharma will deliver the legal text together with the blank templates.

If you need advice or a helping hand with creating your brand’s label and/or look our specialized team of DTP’ers and graphic designers are more than happy to help you.

There are two options for the barcode. You can use a Cobeco Pharma barcode or your own barcode.

There are certain important notes concerning the positioning and use of barcodes. Always use 100% black for barcodes. When scaling always scale linear (scale heights and width with the same percentage). The barcode itself has a minimal width of 25mm. The lines (the shortest ones) must be minimal 5mm high. There also must be 3mm free of print around the barcode.