Certificates & documents

Cobeco Pharma can provide you with the following information regarding your private label product:

Certificate of Analysis
A Certificate of Analysis is an authenticated document that is issued by the Quality Control Department that ascertains that the cosmetic product has met it’s product specification and quality.

Material Safety Data Sheet
A Material Safety Data Sheet is a document that holds the relevant information regarding the safety and health requirements for the cosmetic product. It is intended to provide workers and emergency personnel with procedures for handling or working with the product in a safe manner and includes information such as physical data, storage, disposal, protective equipment, and spill-handling procedures.

Notification in CPNP register for cosmetics (depends on the procedure you choose)
When the notification in the CPNP register is finished, you receive a CPNP notification number. This notification number shows that the cosmetic product is successfully registered at the CPNP register.

Product information file for cosmetics (depends on the procedure you choose)
Each cosmetic product needs to have a product information file. If you decide to let Cobeco Pharma arrange the product information file, you will receive a completed file.  In this file all information regarding the product is then secured and the safety of the product is  underpinned by documentation.

Registration letter Dutch ministry of Health
A registration letter is a letter that you receive from Cobeco Pharma that states that the Dutch ministry of Health has registered your CE class I product.

Declaration of conformity
A declaration of conformity is a document that is issued by Cobeco Pharma to ascertain that your product with the CE II mark has met the requested quality and requirements.