External packaging & extras

Labelling your private label products is a requirement. The labels informs the customers about the ingredients and instructions.

Shrink sealing
At additional costs we can shrink seal your products. With shrink sealing we seal the whole product.

The carton boxes, display boxes, leaflets and gift sets are all options to complete the look of your private label. Carton boxes can give your product a more luxurious appearance. You can print the carton boxes in full color or all metallic colors.
There are many options for the finish of the carton boxes.

Carton boxes
Carton boxes are optional. You can choose to offer the products in boxes with the same logo and text as the labels on the actual products.

You can choose for a box with cutaway sides, this will show the product inside the box.
Cobeco Pharma will deliver you the technical information and templates after order confirmation.

Display boxes
The display boxes can be used to present your products all together and with your logo. Display boxes are ideal to use on a shop counter to present your brand to your customers.

Leaflets are the solution when you want to give your product more information or more languages. A leaflet is also an opportunity to show your other products.

Gift sets
We offer you the possibility to  design and create gift sets. This way you can present more than one product of your exclusive product line to your customers.

You have the opportunity to divide the gift boxes to your own wishes.