Glass containers

Glass packaging is suitable for food supplements or cosmetic products. The glass bottles and glass jars have the advantages of optimal protection of the product. It also gives your product a luxurious look. Glass containers are fragile and are less suited for internet shop shipping. We offer special plastic flat pack containers that are suitable for internet shop shipping. 

Glass bottles

Glass bottles are suitable for liquids and available in 15ml, 30ml or 100ml. Glass bottles are standard amber. A 15ml glass bottle can be ordered in the colors blue or green. The glass jars have a screw cap and can be ordered with or without nozzle cap.

Glass jars

Glass bottles are suitable for cosmetics such as gels and creams and are white colored. The glass jar is only available in 50ml. The glass jars have a screw cap. The screw cap is available in black and white.

All other sizes of glass bottles or glass jars are available when ordering bigger quantities on request.