Labelling process

The materials we use for our labels are polyethylene/polypropylene, and paper. Make sure that text is still readable (no less than 3 points) and that it's not too close to the edge (minimum of 3 mm). The barcode should be preferably vertical, as this way it is easier to scan.

The material and colors of the base
You can also opt for metallic base material, white vinyl labels, clear vinyl labels or non-label look. All on request. You can use all the colors you want; full color, spot colors, offset or silkscreen printing.

Eye mark
The labelling machine will attach the label to the bottle in a rotating manner. The machine however needs an indication when the rotation has been completed, in order to release the labelled bottle and start the next bottle. This is possible in two different ways, through a contrasting label colour or by an eyemark mark. The sensor of the labelling machine reads out the top 5 mm over the whole width of the label.

The registration mark is a contrasting coloured rectangle of at least 3 mm wide and 5 mm high. This mark has to be placed at the top of the label on no specific place.

The registration mark is present on the template as a separate layer. Please turn this layer on and place the mark on your design. Create your artwork on the 'ARTWORK' layer.