2 + 1 massage and lubricant gel

The 2 + 1 massage and lubricant gel is special water based gel with the features of a silicone based gel.
Easy to rinse off with water. Ideal for massages, body-to-body massages and sexual intercourse.

Technical product information

2 + 1 massage and lubricant gel

Packaging options

Bottles, tubes, sachets


Flip cap, pump


Create the design of the label

Legal text

Cobeco Pharma will send the legal text that is required on the packaging

Closure options

up to 80ml, labelled, 1000 pieces
80ml – 150ml, stickered, 500 pieces
150ml and up, stickered, 250 pieces

50ml – 250ml, stickered, 1000 pieces

Printed bottles and tubes are available from 1.500 pieces