Massage candles

The massage candles by Cobeco Pharma are massage candles that are available in three different scents.

Perfect massage oil
The Cobeco Massage candles make the perfect massage oil for sensual massages. The candles have a perfect melting point, melting at a temperature of 35 degrees and can be used directly onto the skin. The massage candles are made of high quality cosmetic oils and Shea butter. The silky features nurtures and moisturises the skin. The Cobeco Pharma massage candles are available in one colour, white. There are three sensational scents to choose from:
Appletini, ripe sweet sparkling apple scent with hints of peach, pear and strawberry.
Spring Flower, fresh, floral and fruity.
Wild Bamboo and Orchids, a fresh woody scent with hints of orchids.

Tin jar

The tin jar is available in one shape. It is possible to place stickers on the sides, top and bottom of the tin jar with your desired design. The carton box can be an option for the tin jars but is not a requirement. The tin jar weighs 150 grams and is 85 mm x H 56 mm.

Ceramic jar

The ceramic jar is available in one shape. It is not possible to place stickers on the sides, top or bottom. The carton box is a requirement for the ceramic jar. The legal text and commercial text have to be placed on the carton box.
The ceramic jar weighs 100 grams and is 120 mm x H 65 mm.

Technical product information

Sensual massage candles available in four different scents

Packaging options

Available in a ceramic jar with carton box or a tin jar

Legal Text

Cobeco Pharma will send the legal text that is required on the packaging.
This legal text must be placed on the label or on the packaging.


Create the design of the packaging and labels

Minimum order quantity

Minimum order quantity is 500 pieces per order