Tablets and capsules

Tablets and capsules
Private Label by Cobeco Pharma can offer you a wide variety of tablets and capsules with different features and colours for your perfect brand. The tablets are available in a variety of colours.
The basic capsules are white or transparent. For additional costs you can choose any colour. The capsules are also available as a vegetarian capsule. The vegetarian capsules are only available in a transparent color.

Health vitamins and minerals

The category health vitamins and minerals contains all health, skin or cosmetic related tablets and capsules.
Vitamins are necessary substances that your body needs to grow and develop normally. There are many different vitamins. The best way to get enough vitamins is through a healthy and diverse diet, but to ensure optimal health you can take additional vitamin tablets or capsules. It is possible to have your own private label with vitamins tablets and capsules.

Erotic stimulants and sexual health
The erotic food supplement line contains tablets and capsules that contribute to your sex life. Complete your private label with unique erotic food supplements.

It is possible to customize your tablets by having your name printed onto the tablets. Cobeco Pharma will charge additional costs for this service. There has to be a minimum order of one million tablets. This is a requirement. 

Blister packs
The blister packs are available in 4, 8 or 10 tablets and capsules in one blister pack. The minimum order quantity is 2.500 pieces.

Technical product information


Packaging options

Bottles, blister packs

Cap options

Screw cap


Create the design of the label

Legal text

Cobeco Pharma will send the legal text that is required
on the packaging

Closure options

up to 50cc, stickered, 1000 pieces
50cc – 200cc, stickered, 500 pieces
200cc and up, stickered, 250 pieces

Printed bottles and tubes are available from 1.500 pieces.
The toy cleaner is also available in sachets and in wipes, see ‘Sachets’ or ‘Sachets – Wipes’.