Water Based

Water based lubricants are based on water and have many advantages. A water based lubricant is compatible with latex and is condom safe. Also, water based lubricants can be used with virtually any sex toy. Lubricants that are water based are smooth and non-sticky.  
Our water based lubricants are available in many different types of lubricants such as flavoured lubricants, anal lubricants and warming or cooling lubricants.

Flavoured lubricants

Flavoured lubricants make oral sex even more enjoyable. The flavour options can be as exotic as Piña Colada or Vanilla. The different flavours of Cobeco Pharma:

Aloë Vera
Forest Fruit
Roast Apple
Chewing Gum
Passion Fruit
Piña Colada

pH Neutral lubricants
The pH Neutral lubricants are lubricant that have a neutral pH value.
pH Neutral lubricant is a water based lubricant that is suitable for sexual intercourse.

White lubricants
White lubricants are lubricants that have a white colour. The lubricant is especially developed to make anal sex a pleasant and smooth experience and is soft for the skin.

Anal lubricants
The anal water based lubricants have a thicker structure to provide smooth penetration. 
This will create more pleasure during anal sex.

Warming lubricant

The warming lubricant will warm up after coming in contact with the skin.
Use all your senses while things heat up. The warming lubricant is designed for more sexual pleasure and comfort.

Cooling lubricant
The cooling lubricant will cool you down when it gets massaged on the skin. Use all your senses and enjoy the cooling properties. The cooling lubricant is designed for more sexual pleasure and comfort.

Technical product information

Water based lubricant

Packaging options

Bottles, tubes, sachets


Flip cap, sprayer, pump


Create the design of the label

Legal text

Cobeco Pharma will send the legal text that is required on the packaging

Closure options

Bottles: up to 80ml, labelled, 1000 pieces. 80ml – 150ml, stickered, 500 pieces
150ml and up, stickered, 250 pieces

Tubes: 50ml – 250ml, stickered, 1000 pieces

Bottles and tubes are available from 1.500 pieces. The water based lubricants are also available in sachets, see 'Sachets'.