Cobeco Pharma is a Dutch producer and a wholesaler of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and stimulating products and medical devices. The company offers these products as own brands as well as private labels and also provides in packaging. Founded in 1995 Cobeco Pharma has become one of the largest producers and wholesalers in those areas. With satisfied customers in Europe, North and South America and the Middle East, Asia and Australia, Cobeco Pharma is a multinational company and still expanding.

Cobeco consists of four different divisions: Health/Drugstore, Erotic, Private label and Packaging. These divisions are specialized in different areas. Like developing new innovative products in the field of health, cosmetics, erotic and medical devices. Another division specializes in developing products based on customers’ request, as private labelling products. Cobeco’s in-house team of research assistants and experts makes sure to keep up to date to all new developments.

We follow trends conscientiously and are always well informed with the latest developments so we can advise you on all fronts of products and packaging. We not only produce and deliver the ingredients. We are also there to advice and assist you in starting your own private label. Cobeco can assist in (creating) your concept, design, packaging, filling and even the needed registrations and marketing, or even completely take care of this. We offer custom made service to every client, at all kind of areas, from first idea until bringing your product to market.

All products of Cobeco Pharma are under strict quality control and are notified at the necessary authorities. Buying at Cobeco Pharma assures you of a high quality end product. Our complete production takes place at our state-of-the art production floors en all products meet ISO standards, the HACCP system and GMP requirements. Cobeco Pharma’s products are specially made for everyone who wants to upgrade their life and live it the fullest, with more quality, fun and excitement.

Customer satisfaction
When a delivery is made, our main goal is to meet our customer’s expectations, or even outdo. Our overall philosophy is to satisfy our customers, be 100% reliable, deliver consistent high quality products and deliver on time, offer perfect technical support, competing prices and to be flexible when required.

Our history
When founded in 1995 Cobeco was focused on the sale of food supplements. Increasingly more knowledge about food supplements was gained throughout the nineties. Research has shown the benefits of taking supplements in addition to our daily food intake.

The consumer became more and more aware of this as well and the demand for this kind of products has been increasing. Cobeco Pharma has been concentrating to this market and at a certain moment the company started to also focus on the development of products and various applications of food supplements.

The main goal was (and is) to offer high quality food supplements that help people to improve their health and lifestyle. In order to do so, Cobeco created a team of expert collaborators to be able to meet the market’s demand. Through the years, the range of products enlarged and the development of cosmetic products was added. We can now proudly state that we have a vast expert knowledge and have gathered extensive experience in the field of new developments.

Later, the Cobeco Pharma Manufacturing division was added to Cobeco Pharma. New business premises equipped with state-of-the art facilities, production methods, clean rooms, bottling and labelling facilities were purchased to accommodate the new division. We became experts as well in offering private labelling products.

With the global increase of internet sales and comparing of prices, the request for private label was growing. With the new broadening of the product assortment and investments in high skilled people, we have also added medical devices to our assortment. Last but not least, we also have our packaging division. With the highly increased demand for private labelling products, we want to make sure we’re able to meet the request for low quantity packaging.